RSQ Endorsements

June 2010

Ethics and Operating Procedures for the Radio Amateur , multilingual edition 3 June 2010 by ON4UN & ON4WW. Item II.10.2.6 The RSQ Report system. Outlines the RSQ discussion and RSQ reporting table.


The RSQ Report system

November 2008

IARU Region 1 meeting Cavtat Croatia. Proposed by the NRRL Norway. Recommendation CT08_C5_Rec15: “It is recommended that RSQ (Readability Strength Quality) reporting may be used for digital modes if applicable (e.g. PSK31), and that MOS (Mean Opinion Score) reporting be used for digital voice, as a supplement or substitute to the RST (Readability Strength Tone) reporting scale. Recommendation CT08_C5_Rec16: “The recommendation and the RSQ and MOS reporting scales with notes should be included in the HF- and the VHF Managers Handbook.”

R1 CT08 Proposal

R1 CT08 Recommendations

August 2006

IARU Region 3 meeting Bangalore India. Proposed by the WIA Australia. Recommendation WG2-5: “It is recommended that RSQ reporting be used for digital modes below 30 MHz.”

079a -R3 adoption of RSQ

WIA RSQ paper to R3 IARU Mtg Aug 06

September 2005

IARU Region 1 meeting Davos Switzerland. Proposal by the Austrian Radio Society (OeVSV). Recommendation DV05_C4_Rec_28. “It is recommended that RSQ reporting be used for digital modes. It was further suggested it should be part of the HF Manager’s handbook.”